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Netflix is the only outstanding foreign player in Vietnamese OTT industry

Over-the-top platform consumption has been increasing in the past few years, and since the pandemic outbreak has forced cinema businesses to remain closed, people are finding alternative ways to entertain themselves, and this is how online streaming platforms gain its power. Today, we will delve into Vietnamese market to know what is the most popular platform used by locals and several insights to enter the market.

Netflix and Apple TV+ are the main foreign platforms among other local players

Vietnamese OTT industry is distinguished into two types of users. First are people who like to watch English contents such as American/British drama, Hollywood movies, etc, and the other type is people who prefer to watch local contents such as Vietnamese movie/drama, local TV shows, etc. Hence, it is important for streaming platforms to target their audience in advance, before entering the market.

Netflix, the world’s leading online streaming service placed the first rank for the first two quarters in 2020. Netflix has been available in Vietnam since 2016, however, they made a big move in October 2019 by providing a complete user interface, subtitles and dubbings in Vietnamese language. It also offers a variety of local TV shows and films which are popular among local people.

Local OTT players are mostly owned by television companies. The second and third place belongs to two big local players, MyK+ and VTC NOW which belongs to a private and state-owned television company respectively. Both platforms are quite distinct from Netflix. It focuses on its own live TV broadcast, and mostly provide live sports contents such as The Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europe League as well as the latest Vietnamese movies, which also correlate with the demand from the local audience.

Apple TV+ has the highest response rate among other platforms

Among other top 10 platforms, Apple TV+ has the highest response rate at 8 per article. Apple TV+ has only one article, thus receives great attention from internet users. The article is revealing that movie posters released on Apple TV+ are drawn with iPad Pro. It is not directly related to its OTT platform; however, many people are flattering the artwork. It is then followed by K+ and MyTV Multiscreen with 3.49 and 2.33 average response respectively.

Forum still has the most word of mouth, quickly followed by social media

Otofun forum is the biggest auto forums in Vietnam with nearly 300,000 members. It is interesting to know that OTT industry has many word of mouth coming from an automotive forum. In the third place, we have a well-known YouTube channel, Phê Phim that focuses on discussing films. It is not only reviewing Hollywood movies but also discussing local and Netflix original series such as “Crash landing on you”, “Stranger things”, “Money heist”, etc. Henceforth, the channel has captivated many audiences to subscribe and get updated with the new upcoming movie/drama.

Upcoming movies in the OTT platform will boost exposure

From the top 10 hot discussion topics, the most-discussed article is regarding the cancellation of 30-days free trial offer from Netflix, in order to prevent account fraud. This news has intrigued many internet users to share their opinion. Surprisingly, many of them are supporting Netflix and show sarcasm comments toward the people who illegally sell Netflix accounts. Besides, there are many discussions regarding some upcoming movies in the OTT platforms (mostly Netflix), which captures people’s excitement. The third most-discussed topic is about The Witcher series that released on Netflix has successfully enticed local audience to play The Witcher game that was released more than 10 years ago.

Vietnam entered the top 5 countries who love anime the most

Vietnamese extremely enjoy watching anime show. For instance, Tower of God is highly popular in Vietnam, and in fact, it is the most searched keyword on Google. In addition, according to Google trends, Vietnam has the highest anime searches in the world in the first quarter of 2020, which has made Vietnam sit in the number 4 country who love anime the most. Besides, the graph also illustrates that Vietnamese still show enthusiasm in watching American drama, such as Game of Thrones. It is worth noting that local audiences are also interested in watching Vietnamese movie on an OTT platform. This indicates that OTT players need to diversify their contents by providing local movie/drama for local users.

Netflix’s updated and various content receive great reviews from local users

Netflix is known for its extensive global content and their original series, and in the past few years, they have been working hard to provide the most updated film for users to watch online, and it seems their effort has been seen by local users. However, its platform receives more critics in terms of user experience, since they gained more negative review in “error” and “unable to access” and “slow loading”. While local player, VTC NOW have gained many great reviews in regards to its mobile app experience by garnering the most positive keyword of “convenient” and “stable”. Other local platforms such as MyTV and HTV also receive positive feedback for “user-friendly”.

User-friendliness for Android and iOS users are highly important

Statista shows that by 2019, Vietnam has more Android users than iOS, which stands almost 60% of the smartphone market, while iOS has only 38,67%. However, the number actually does not show too much gap, therefore, whether the App is user-friendly for both OS users is extremely important for OTT subscribers. The word “network” and “internet” is also highly-mentioned by internet users for 682 and 332 times respectively. It is obvious that the quality of the network and internet speed is crucial when using such platform. Network provider could make good use of this opportunity by providing an unlimited data plan with a good price that will attract customers. Vietnamese users are also demanding for a high picture quality, which is why “4K” has also been highly-mentioned. Last point, smartphone is the main device for Vietnamese to access OTT platform, followed by tablet (mentioned 162 times) and laptop (mentioned 57 times).