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Coronavirus pandemic promotes the beauty of cycling in Jakarta

2020 has certainly been a tough year for people in any parts of the world. This global pandemic that has evolved to be an economic crisis has attacked humans of any race, religion and social status. However, looking at the bright side, Covid-19 has taught us to live a healthier lifestyle and maintaining a better hygiene routine. Due to many sport activity venues are closing temporarily, people are seeking for other sports alternatives, hence, the idea of cycling emerges. What bike brands are popular among Indonesian? What are the considerations in purchasing a bicycle?

Indonesian Bicycle Industry Discussion Trend

Last December, Brompton has been all over the media because of the smuggling incident on Garuda Indonesia flight together with a disassembled Harley Davidson motorcycle. The news went viral because Garuda will be fined for violating aviation rules and the president director is at the edge to be dismissed. The word of mouth starting to rise again recently in June 2020, and this is due to the “new normal” regulation in the country. Since many sport activity venues still remain closed, and even if they are reopening their business, people still feel anxious to go. Hence, people are seeking for other sports alternative that is safer, and this is how the cycling hype emerges in Indonesia, particularly Jakarta.

Top 10 Most-Buzzed Bicycle Brands in Indonesia

Seeing the graph above, it is clearly shown that Brompton has garnered most of the word of mouth and making it to be the winner within the past year. Besides of the smuggling incident, Brompton is also known as the premium bicycle brand. Its price differs from $1,700 to $6,300 USD or even higher depending on the type of bike. Due to an unlikely high demand, the price soared significantly. This phenomenon attracts upper-class people to purchase for investment purposes.

On the other side, there is one Taiwanese brand that got into the top 10 list, Giant (捷安特) which earned the eighth place. However, the amount of word of mouth is relatively low compared to Brompton and other Indonesian brands. This might happen due to less awareness of Taiwanese brands. In fact, Taiwan has quite a number of cyclists and outdoor places such as parks and riverfronts are accessible to cycle. Moreover, MRT and buses are allowed to bring a foldable bike, making Taiwan be a bike-friendly country. It is no doubt that Taiwanese bicycle brands can compete with British brands.

Word of Mouth Title and Response Performance Rate

The above graph shows the total number of articles’ titles, responses and average response among top 10 bicycle brands in Indonesia. We collected a total of 1,959 titles and 205 responses, and by the number, we could see that the total responses are relatively low. United Bike performs best for having the highest response rate of 0.95 responses per article. It is then followed by Trek with an average response rate of 0.14 and Brompton with 0.12 response per article.

Top 10 Word of Mouth Channels

The above graph shows the distribution of word of mouth resources which are scattered in different types of channel: Forum, social media and news. This time, social media becomes the common place for Indonesian to have online discussion regarding bicycle, which stands for 60% of the total word of mouths. News site comes second by garnering 28% and having 5 channels in the top 10 list. However, online forum cannot be neglected since one of the sub-forums of Kaskus placed the first rank by earning approximately 200 WOM. These three channel resources could bring benefits to gain brand awareness.

Top 10 Hot Discussion Topics

Seeing the top 10 hot discussion topics, we could see that Brompton earned 8 places, which shows that internet users have a high interest toward the brand. The most discussed topic is about a thread introducing Brompton “All about Brompton bike”. Other discussions are price-related since people are wondering why Brompton bike is so expensive. There are some articles discussing its advantages and revealing that Brompton is a handmade British bike, which clarifies why the price is relatively high. Lastly, in the fourth place, there is a discussion regarding United Bike releasing their 6 models of electric bicycle.

Popular Keywords

When purchasing a bicycle, price is obviously the main consideration, since many people still do not own a car or motorcycle, so bicycle is definitely not in the priority list. So, it is important to keep your product affordable and budget-friendly for Indonesian consumers. Besides, “convenient”, “comfortable” and “design” are the other three things that bicycle brands need to pay attention to. People are looking for a bike that convenient to carry around, so this is why “foldable bike” is highly mentioned by internet users. Comfortable is also one of the crucial elements since people are seeking for pleasure and satisfaction from cycling. Lastly, design can’t be neglected by bicycle brands, since people are looking for something trendy and stylish to ride.

To conclude, the cycling hype in Indonesia is expected to keep rising in the near future. Hence, bicycle brands should make use of this opportunity to enter Indonesian market and compete with global and local brands. Follow some of the above insights and you’ll be able to stand out among other brands!